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The gray suite

Markers on silk paper, 70x40 cm, 2020.

Drawing and poem based on the Argentine's President visit to the World Holocaust Summit in January 2020.

“I will have very intense days / in my encounter with an impressive country // A hope / born out of horror // Remembering the dimension of the tragedy / that no one has forgotten / is what has brought me here // I’m the present of a country that has lived through its own tragedy // of persecutions, torture, enforced disappearances and death // After so much suffering / Argentinians value more than anything / the prevalence of the rule of law // We trust in peace / and in thoroughly respecting Human Rights // I have come to this beautiful land / with a dream / To see it in peace with our neighbors / and specially with the Palestinian people // My country recognizes / with strong conviction / the existence of two States / and promotes peaceful coexistence // I know the complexity of the matter / which has gone for years without solution / but we will never step down from / dreaming of peace // If we could build this country / why couldn’t we its successors find / solutions to less complicated problems // The need for living in peace / should drive us”
- Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, January 2020.

Adapted from the Twitter thread posted by Alberto Fernández, current Argentina's President, on January 23, 2020, during his first official visit: the World Holocaust Forum at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem. Fernández was the only male not wearing a black suit for the official picture, drawing criticism from the opposition about his lack of protocol. http://twitter.com/alferdez/status/1220491133379280901

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